Spinal-rod bending software
Featured software: spinal rod-bending software

NOVO specializes in delivering well-engineered software systems. For medical device development projects, software is developed under our ISO 13485:2016-certified design control process, which has procedures for medical device software development that comply with the rigorous IEC 62304 standard for software lifecycle processes. We use an adapted version of this process for non-medical software development programs. The development process applies to all phases of development, from requirements, through design and coding, to validation and maintenance, and has been successfully used on a wide range of regulated and unregulated products, including Class III medical devices, 3D printers, and insulin pump controllers.

Our software developers have diverse backgrounds, including engineering, pure science, and mathematics. A mix of experience levels ensures deep knowledge of both new and legacy systems and tools. The team is committed to using state-of-the-art development practices to deliver both embedded and application software that consistently win acclaim from our clients for logical design, stable performance, and easy maintainability. Close collaboration with NOVO’s hardware teams is routine, resulting in well-integrated system solutions that deliver excellent user experiences.

The software development team generally uses Agile development practices and has a complete suite of tools to support all aspects of the Agile workflow. These tools include Git repositories managed by NOVO’s GitHub enterprise, and Jira, used to capture and track requirements and user stories, as well as to plan, track, and report on sprints. NOVO’s standard process includes code reviews of different types on every committed code change, with each review tracked on GitHub.

NOVO’s management is committed to providing the team with the training and tools needed to stay competitive in the dynamic world of software.