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A history of great product development

About NOVO Engineering: Better Products to Market. Faster.

Product Development Engineering Services

NOVO is about creating great products. NOVO helps you bring better products to market faster by providing comprehensive hardware and software product development engineering services from concept through pilot manufacturing. Our clients include some of the world’s most successful technical product companies, as well as startups and mid-market companies.

NOVO’s services include medical device development, biotech instrument development, printing system development, commercial product development, and custom automation related to the manufacturing or testing of all of the above. Our clients benefit from our singular combination of top design-engineering talent, structured development processes, and extensive onsite prototyping and testing infrastructure. Every aspect of NOVO’s procedures, staff, and facilities is a reflection of our ongoing efforts to establish the most effective contract product development engineering services available anywhere.

All of NOVO’s product design and engineering services are available through either our California or Minnesota locations.

Our business model is a “fee-for-service” model. This means that our clients own the design and intellectual property upon fulfillment of the contract.

NOVO engineers at work
NOVO engineers at work

Three Benefits of Engaging with NOVO

The Proficiency of our Technical Staff

All applicants to NOVO’s engineering staff undergo a thorough technical screening that covers engineering fundamentals, experiential learning, creative problem-solving, and design. Standard diligence, including background checks and reference checking, is then applied to candidates that we choose to make an offer to. From the moment a new engineer is on-boarded, they are assigned to a team that will provide guidance and mentoring, and who will expose them to NOVO’s product development process. The message that their work will be held to the highest standards comes across loud and clear.

The effort we have put into optimizing our environment for innovation and technical problem solving

We invest heavily in the hardware and software tools that accelerate product development and that give us more control over the development process. Examples include a deluxe CNC machine shop; a complete environmental test lab; multiple rapid prototyping (3D printing) processes; a large inventory of electronic test and measurement and metrology equipment; and software systems to manage all the typical workflows. The result is that our design engineers realize they are working in a supercharged product development environment that places no limits on what they can achieve.

Our Product Development Process

Our documented product development process speeds up product development and improves the quality of our designs. Complex projects with multiple contributors that may include the client’s own engineering team, industrial design companies, regulatory consultants, and key suppliers, will quickly get out of control unless some standard processes are followed. NOVO has spent years creating practical product development processes and integrating them into our ISO 13485:2016-certified quality management system. These procedures are continually refined to remove any unnecessary overhead, and to emphasize the practical benefits. Our engineers and clients quickly recognize the value of these methods whenever there is a need for information retrieval, efficient communication, record-keeping, and many other practical aspects of running a complex project.