NOVO’s IT staff ensures that our network meets the security, bandwidth, and reliability requirements that our customers demand. CAD, simulation, and other data-intensive applications produce large file sizes that are constantly being transferred internally and externally. Our secure, high-bandwidth network operates at near 100% uptime. NOVO does not outsource IT: our network engineers manage our network infrastructure, network security, disaster recovery, backups, file-sharing, online collaboration, product data management (PDM), cloud services, and VPN access according to current industry best practices. Independent security audits are performed periodically as required by our Quality Management System and to ensure the security of our client’s data on our network. Our IT experts regularly help our clients set up PDM servers, mirroring sites, and other communications infrastructure to facilitate collaboration between our engineering team and the client’s.

It’s a benefit you might not consider, but when the security of your proprietary information and the importance of network uptime to your project schedule are taken into account, it’s reassuring to know that NOVO has dedicated IT resources.