NOVO’s customers benefit from our design for manufacturability expertise that is a direct result of our exposure to the manufacturing approaches taken by some of the world’s top product companies, as well as startups and mid-market companies. Onshore and offshore contract manufacturing, manual and automated assembly, low- and high-volume manufacturing processes, simple and complex technical products—NOVO will help you to develop a manufacturing plan that makes sense for the stage of your company and your projected sales, including plans for scaling as your market grows.

NOVO has manufacturing engineers on staff and where appropriate, we will integrate engineers from the selected contract manufacturer (CM) to ensure that design for manufacturability principles and quality control strategies are incorporated into the manufacturing plan and into the design from the outset.

To accelerate transition of the project to the contract manufacturer, NOVO has established a pilot manufacturing capability in house, which is covered under our ISO 13485/9001:2016 certification. We use this capability to provide clinical trial devices and to develop manufacturing assembly and quality control procedures and equipment. Issues that arise can be immediately addressed by the design engineers who are the most knowledgeable about the device. Representatives form the CM can learn directly from the development team. The result is a smoother transfer into manufacturing and faster scale-up.

Specific Manufacturing Engineering Expertise

  • DFX
  • Contract manufacturer qualification and selection
  • Supplier qualification
  • Quality control (QC) plans
  • Manufacturing plans
  • QC jigs and fixtures
  • SOPs
  • Process development
  • Assembly fixture design and automation
  • Pilot manufacturing lines
  • Tooling program management
  • Cost reduction
  • Reliability and yield improvements