Synthetic biology workstation

NOVO has biotech instrument and consumables development experience in the areas of enzyme discovery, synthetic biology, DNA sequencing, capillary electrophoresis, accelerated cell culture growth, automated sample collection, and general lab automation. Our senior biotech development team includes hardware and software experts who have expertise with solutions for central lab, research laboratory, and point of care settings.

Custom bioreactor

In addition to biotech industry professionals, NOVO has senior-level product developers from other technical product industries. Their expertise in complimentary domains, such as medical device, automation, and printing systems, often leads to novel solutions in the biotech space. The techniques and methods from higher-volume, and more cost-sensitive, commercial product industries have benefited our biotech clients as their product lines move from laboratory to point-of-care diagnostic products.

Diagnostic Device Development

We can provide diagnostic device development from concept to clinical trial unit manufacturing under our ISO 13485:2016 certification. Our cross-industry experience, in-house tools for rapid development, and proven product development process make NOVO a compelling choice for our OEMs and startup clients developing new diagnostic products for any setting.

Lab and Production Automation

NOVO’s lab and production automation portfolio is extensive. It includes automation cells for common laboratory processes as well as vision guided systems for many custom applications. These systems typically combine off-the-shelf hardware and software with custom solutions. We take a systems engineering approach to architecting the best approach for each project, and build reliability, serviceability, and usability into every system.

Hight throughput liquid handling automation

Projects are accelerated by a long list of existing, pretested hardware and software modules that we have developed specifically for automation systems. These include our proprietary NOMADC suite of controllers, vision systems, enclosures, liquid handling, motion control, safety systems, and software modules. When there is a need for a fully custom solution, our design engineers are supported with an extensive, in-house prototyping, machining, fabrication and testing infrastructure.

In summary, NOVO offers a complete range of services for our biotech customers, including technology commercialization, instrument and consumables development, software development, automation, testing, integration into existing laboratory information systems, and equipment qualification.

Biotech Instrument And Consumable Experience