NOVO has assembled a team of over 70 hardware, firmware, and software developers with engineering expertise in all aspects of new product development and multiple full-product lifecycle experiences. Our team of electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, and software developers have been recruited from the medical device, biotech, and printer industries. They have learned to work together as a team at NOVO, leveraging each others’ strengths and experience. Engineers from different industry backgrounds bring with them technologies and methods that may be new to the other engineers, and that often lead to lead to innovative design solutions. The familiarity our team members have with each other allows them to identify just the right NOVO resource to collaborate with to solve a particular technical or design challenge. The product development process, and the culture at NOVO, make the benefits of the collective expertise of the entire team available to every client on every project. To further enhance value to our customers, our development team works in a facility that includes a wide array of tools for rapid product development not available from most product development firms. Consider these advantages when you are ready to select an engineering partner for your next project.

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