A Capsule-based, Oral Drug Delivery Platform

NOVO is pleased to be an engineering design and development partner to Progenity for the development of their oral biopharmaceutical delivery system (OBDS). The OBDS is a drug delivery platform, configured as a capsule, for the delivery of large-molecule therapies.

The capsule delivers a liquid formulation of the drug directly to the small intestine for optimal uptake. The delivery system is needle-free. The OBDS platform is suitable for the delivery of a range of molecules including monoclonal antibodies, peptides, and nucleic acids. Miniaturization of the electromechanical systems, and the means to localize to the desired location in the GI tract for release of the drug, were the primary technical challenges in this project.

NOVO’s responsibility included design and development for the device electromechanical and firmware, including clinical prototypes, test & assembly protocols, and QMS documentation.

Initial drug candidates for this combination device include Progenity’s proprietary formulations of Adalimumab and GLP-1 agonist. With this project, NOVO has added capsule-based drug delivery to the growing list of drug delivery device architectures we are familiar with.