NOVO has broad application programming expertise and has delivered solutions on a variety of mobile and desktop platforms. Application development typically includes user interfaces, command and control of embedded systems, data processing, and secure data transfer to the cloud or local networks.

Our team develops stand-alone software applications as well as hardware control applications that interface with custom electronics. The team is especially effective when working on control and data processing for products where the hardware design also occurs at NOVO, but has delivered numerous stand-alone software projects for clients such as NuVasive.

The emphasis on software organization and design early in development yields business benefits for NOVO’s clients that extend past deployment of the software. Good design and documentation compliant with IEC 62304 software lifecycle processes allow NOVO’s team to step in and efficiently deliver software enhancements to legacy NOVO systems, in some cases after the software has seen years of service. For example, the highly successful SiRF reagent dispensing equipment developed by NOVO for Illumina has received several software upgrades to adapt the system to the customer’s ever-growing range of products.

All of NOVO’s technical staff understand that they have an obligation to remain current on evolving technologies. This is particularly important with software development where technologies tend to change more rapidly. For example, many of our recent UI projects have been web-based, using C# for the business logic and back-end connection to data, and ASP.NET and AngularJS to build the web front end. This approach provides NOVO’s clients with tablet, mobile phone, and desktop browser-based access from anywhere on the network.

We encourage you to contact NOVO for software projects that involve hardware control, scientific programming methods, or that require a systems engineering approach.


Language Expertise

  • Visual Studio (C#, C++, VB)
  • Java
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Python, TCL, Perl
  • NI LabView
  • PLC programming