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Medical Device Development

  • Hardware and software development for Class I, II, and III FDA-regulated medical devices.
  • ISO 13485-certified.
  • Better devices. Better outcomes.
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Biotech Instruments

  • Hardware and software for RUO and diagnostic instruments and consumables.
  • ISO 13485-certified.
  • Custom lab automation for sample recovery, fluid handling, thermal cycling, plate handling, and more.
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Printer Systems Development

  • Hardware and software development for consumer, home-office, and 3D printers and consumables.
  • Piezo and thermal inkjet experts.
  • Writing and printing systems optimization.
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  • Technical product development for consumer, commercial, and industrial products
  • Low, medium, and high-volume product expertise
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Custom Equipment

  • Experts in automated test equipment
  • Documentation, testing, and equipment qualification
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Pilot Manufacturing

  • ISO 13485-certified
  • On-site controlled build area
  • Validated assembly and QC processes
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