Vaccine management system mechanical design
Featured project: vaccine management system mechanical design

NOVO’s mechanical engineers combine their knowledge of physics, engineering, and materials to provide design solutions for new products and custom equipment. A partial list of specific mechanical engineering services is shown below, and you can see how these capabilities have been applied by exploring some of the case studies on our portfolio page. MEs compose the largest contingent of our engineering staff. This is partially because of the many mechanical engineering sub-disciplines and specialties, and also because of the technical challenges that are inherent to working in three spatial dimensions.

Comprehensive mechanical engineering services for product development applications require expertise in enclosure design, electronics packaging, mechanism design, control systems, materials selection, and other areas of specialization particular to the type of product under development. The application of this expertise is facilitated by NOVO’s extensive inventory of hardware and software tools, which include on-site machine shops, 3D printers, and environmental test facilities.

Please review the list below and explore a a few of the sub-pages under this section to better understand the depth of one of NOVO’s core disciplines.


  • System architecture and design
  • Engineering and marketing prototypes
  • Production design: low, medium, and high volume; manual or automated assembly
  • Material selection
  • Stress, flow, and thermal FEA simulation
  • Machine and mechanism design
  • Tooling program management
  • Micro-fluidics, hydraulics, pneumatics
  • Electronics packaging
  • Handheld instruments
  • Device controllers
  • Process development
  • Custom connectors/cables