NOVO has in-house PCB and flex circuit layout resources with extensive experience that spans low-cost 2-sided, high-speed multi-layer up to 14 layers, flex and rigid-flex circuit boards. NOVO works with a number of qualified suppliers for additional layout and other electronics manufacturing services.

Our senior electrical engineers work closely with the layout designers to ensure that all requirements around matched or controlled impedances, power and ground plane geometries, low noise, grounding schemes and high-speed interfaces, are met. NOVO is well-versed in applying industry standard DFM rules, and on high-volume designs will perform an extensive secondary DFM review with the selected contract manufacturer.

NOVO uses Altium Designer schematic, circuit simulation and PCB layout tools and has developed extensive libraries of commonly used custom parts to supplement the standard Altium libraries. Mechanical compatibility is ensured by exporting a 3D model of the assembled PCA, which is checked against the MCAD model in SOLIDWORKS.

Learn about NOVO’s microcontroller design capabilities here.