NOVO has expert control systems engineers who have designed closed-loop, PID control algorithms and identified electromechanical control components for numerous high-performance printing, dispensing, positioning, temperature control, and sensing systems. Implementing controls on high-performance devices is not an off-the-shelf solution. It requires specialized control systems engineering expertise that NOVO can provide.

Controls engineers are responsible for the selection of the key components that define the performance of an electromechanical sytem. They consult with mechanical and electrical engineers to identify drive train components, structural components, motors, encoders, actuators, and sensors, as well as the electronics to drive each of these components. The controls engineer also consults with software and firmware engineers to implement algorithms or design system characterization tools. At NOVO, the controls engineers are in close association with other major engineering disciplines, giving them systems engineering expertise beyond motion, thermal, and process controls.

Selected controls expertise:

  • Digital and analog control systems
  • Systems analysis and simulations
  • Industrial controls
  • Motion control
  • Embedded and hosted control
  • Off-the-shelf controllers
  • Sensor design and characterization