We look for more than just talented engineers, we look for talented design engineers to add to our engineering team. Design engineers have the right balance of curiosity, hands-on experience, education, problem-solving skills, design aptitude, and teamwork skills. Design engineers are people who incorporate their engineering skills into their hobbies and lifestyle, as the images on this page illustrate. Our hiring process is tailored to identify candidates with this rare combination of attributes.

A candidate who is a good fit for NOVO has the right experience and professional goals that are consistent with a contract engineering business model. Prospective engineers and managers must pass technical screening and reference checks designed to confirm their grasp of engineering fundamentals, problem solving, and design. We also assess a candidate’s ability to work effectively as part of a development team. Once at NOVO, team members must bury their egos and leverage each other’s knowledge to ensure our customers get the full benefit of the team’s collective expertise.

A great team is the basis of our success. Our engineering team has gained a reputation for technical excellence, and besides benefiting our clients, this well-earned reputation has drawn other talented designers and problem solvers to NOVO. Careful selection of employees has produced an atmosphere that is simultaneously relaxed and high-performing. NOVO engineers are generous with their time and knowledge and quick to celebrate each other’s successes. If the idea of working on next-generation medical, biotech, or printing system products with co-workers you can respect and learn from appeals to you, please visit our jobs page.

Here’s how some of our engineers spend their non-working time…

Autonomous, portable communication and energy system integration and design on kayak


Custom guitars built by principal systems engineer Chuck Tweedy




Custom cabinets built by Senior Automation Engineer Mike Wohlhieter


84 BMW R65


68 Chevy Truck modified by mechanical engineering manager Rob Simon