Chuck is one of our lead systems engineers. While formally trained as a systems engineer, he is also an automation expert, a software guy, and an expert in the field of biotech. As you can see in the pictures attached, Chuck is also a master luthier. He builds acoustic guitars, and other string instruments, as well as electric guitars. His workshop at home is a masterpiece of efficiency with all kinds of custom cabinetry, dust control, power and hand tools, all meticulously organized.

The craftsmanship and artistry that goes into Chuck’s guitars is truly impressive. Each guitar is personalized to the player it is being crafted for. The guitar style and dimensions, materials, rosette design and fretboard inlays, tuning components and other attributes are personalized to the customer. Chuck makes sure that all the design choices compliment each other so that the finished result both looks and sounds great.

Here is a link to his Instagram page where you can see many more images of his string instruments and of his workshop.

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Chuck T Headshot
Chuck T.
Lead Engineer at NOVO Engineering