Mikhail is a senior engineer in our Minnesota office. He blurs the line between engineer and artist by using CNC equipment to create “object’s de arte”. Most of his work is both artistic and functional rather than purely decorative. As a proponent of the “maker” movement, he enjoys creating art in a collaboration with other creators.

Mikhail designed a 150 square foot castle for Andre Rudenko to demonstrate his 3D printing process for concrete structures. He also supported the build effort. His design had to take the printing process details into account. Joinery details were developed to accommodate the fact that some structures would be printed as modules and subsequently attached to the primary structure.

The Minneapolis Skyline chess set began with digital modeling of the individual buildings. The models were 3D printed and then used to create silicone molds. The chess pieces were case in urethane using the silicone molds. The molds can be reused to create multiple copies of the chess set.

Mikhail is a great example of incorporating engineering skillsets and knowledge of manufacturing methods as a way to enhance his artistic pursuits. You can find more examples of Mikhail’s work here.

Mikhail T.
Sr. Engineer at NOVO Engineering