NOVO Engineering’s Minneapolis location is in Eden Prairie, Minnesota is about 20 minutes from central Minneapolis in the Twin Cities area. We refer to this location as NOVO Engineering Minneapolis, or NOVO Minneapolis.

The Minneapolis office services the Midwest region. Like the staff in San Diego, the Minneapolis office consists of expert hardware and software engineers who are seasoned product and custom equipment developers. This office has particular expertise in large-format, piezoelectric inkjet printing; UV-cured inks and resins; and 3D printer development. The engineers from the Minneapolis and San Diego offices work closely together to ensure that the most experienced medical device, biotech, and printer system expertise is available to every client, regardless of which NOVO location is their primary contact.

The Minneapolis facility has lab space, assembly and test areas, light machining and fabrication, office, and conference areas. The San Diego office provides prioritized CNC machining and rapid prototyping support for the Minneapolis office.

If you are a product or custom equipment customer in the Midwest, and are interested in working with a world-class engineering partner, please contact NOVO to discuss your project.


6214 Bury Drive
Eden Prairie, MN 55346-1718

Tel: (952) 681-2267
Fax: (952) 681-2359