A Product Development Process That Yields Great Products

The Process

NOVO follows a product development process (PDP) that improves the efficiency of project execution and produces higher-quality products. The process features five phases: 

  1. Product Definition
  2. Estimate and Planning
  3. Detail Design
  4. Verification
  5. Validation and Transfer

We have integrated our PDP into our ISO 13485:2016-certified quality system, which ensures that each of our technical staff members receives training on the process. Beyond our systems, we will also comply with any published standard relevant to the development of your product or any quality systems that your company already has in place.

NOVO’s PDP provides a framework for the execution of complex electromechanical and software development projects in the biotech, medtech and print-tech industries. It allows us to manage program risk when outside development partners and members of the client’s in-house engineering team are working simultaneously on different aspects of the development program.

The Origin of Our Product Development Process

The senior engineers and managers at NOVO continually evaluate and refine our PDP as we learn from each project. The origins of the system, however, come from our industry experience working with some of the top product development companies in the world. All of them have product development systems, and we have distilled a set of best practices from them. 

We made a key observation, however. Most of these companies struggle to develop new products and platforms, particularly when there are significant technical challenges to overcome. This realization has led us to implement some key differences in our approach that make us more effective at retiring program-level risks early. The result is shorter and more predictable development cycles.

Collaborating with UX and HF Partners

Though NOVO is primarily an engineering company, we understand the importance of user-experience (UX) design and human factors (HF) in developing a commercially successful product. Planning for a healthy collaboration with UX and HF partners is an integral part of our process. Depending on the nature of the development process, other outside experts such as regulatory consultants or process specialists may also be incorporated into the team.

Examples of Successes from NOVO’s PDP

Here you’ll find some projects that utilized our PDP to great success. We’ve been transforming new technologies into innovative products for 20 years, from concept to launch.

Working With NOVO

Whether you are a startup company or an industry leader, we look forward to working with you on your next product, device, or machine, and sharing our unique approach to product realization with you. If you’re ready to begin now, reach out to explore the possibilities of a partnership