It seems that the hobby of photography is particularly appealing to engineers. Many of our engineers are serious enthusiasts, and some are borderline professionals. It makes sense. The technical aspects of photography are naturally interesting to engineers. Photography has the attraction of a being an artform in which increased technical prowess allows the photographer to better realize their artistic vision. It is a welcome opportunity to be creative without the constraint that the output be functional.

Our group of engineer-photographers have specialty interests like wildlife photography, product photography, astrophotography, artistic photography, architectural photography, lifestyle photography, and travel photography. In addition to the technical aspects of image acquisition, many employ post processing software to enhance or transform original images into compelling pieces of art. A growing number of these images grace the walls of NOVO’s offices.

Here are a few mini galleries highlighting the work of some of our camera geeks:

Adam L.

Adam is one of our lead engineers and our resident astro-photographer. He has a servo-controlled photo telescope with software to track target constellations for hours to acquire the low-light images in vivid form.

Kerry M.

Kerry is a senior program manager who spends his evenings fronting a band that plays some of the local venues. He is semi-retired now and has been applying his characteristic diligence to upgrading his photography skills. This includes new gear of course, and a particular interest in applying artistic techniques to image acquisition and post processing.

Andy C.

Andy is one of our lead engineers in the Minnesota office. He is also responsible for producing some of the rendered animations you will see elsewhere on this site. Andy is a graphic artist as well as an avid photographer. One of his many areas of expertise is digital printing, which may explain the spectacular colors in some of his photos.

Toni M.

Toni is an accomplished adventure/wildlife photographer and videographer. See more about his explorations and his conservation efforts here.

Thomas G.

Thomas is one of our lead firmware engineers with deep expertise in networked medical devices. His photography interests lean towards travel photography.

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