Veriskin, one of our valued clients, adds another accomplishment to their growing list of accolades. They were recently awarded a grant from the National Cancer Institute for their TruScore, non-invasive diagnostic device for skin cancer. According to the results of two multi-site clinical studies, this non-invasive, hand-held device is capable of distinguishing skin cancer from non-malignant skin abnormalities during early stages of the disease process.

In 2020, Veriskin was awarded Breakthrough Device Designation by the FDA. Devices that have the potential to provide improved treatment or diagnosis of serious diseases or conditions are eligible for this designation. Benefits include increased FDA input during the development phase and regulatory submission. The regulatory submission also receives expedited review. Also in 2020, they were one of’s Cool Companies and they received NIH funding, among numerous other milestones.

Veriskin’s TruScore diagnostic device for skin cancer relies on hemodynamic measurements and their neural network-based AI algorithm to achieve high sensitivity and specificity. The simple scoring system makes the device suitable for non-specialists to use as a decision support tool.

NOVO has been a primary design and engineering partner since early 2020 and we are honored to be associated with a technology that has the potential to provide earlier detection that leads to earlier treatment of the most common form of cancer in the United States.

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