This was a custom, frame-up build. I used Harley twin cam engine with a 95″ kit. Custom frame, sheet metal, fuel injection system, wiring, oil tank, paint, and many other custom and aftermarket pieces. It was fun for many years and is now undergoing a major upgrade and redesign.

The first generation of this build was all about incorporating newer technology into a not-yet-trendy pro street chassis. Think custom fuel injection, modern electronics, adjustable rear suspension, belt drive, a counter-balanced engine, etc. The result was a reliable and predictable bike that never left me on the side of the road. The new build trades pounds of plumbing and electrical off for simplicity, a more raw look, and higher performance.

The rebuild includes cam chest and bottom end upgrades as well as improvements to the oil circulation system, hydraulic clutch, quieter exhaust (you’re welcome neighbors), simplified fuel system and electronics, and minor chassis upgrades. I’ll update the post with pics from the in-process build soon.

Dan K Headshot
Dan K.
CEO at NOVO Engineering