Congratulations to our client Brain Corp. Brain Corp has entered into a relationship with Walmart, which will roll out Brain Corp’s autonomous floor cleaners in 360 of its stores. Powered by Brain Corp’s operating system, BrainOS, the self-driving machines can navigate the complex and dynamic environments in a Walmart store.

Sensing and maneuvering around people, boxes, aisles, and even merchandise that may have unexpectedly fallen off a shelf are capabilities for which the machines have been designed, tested, and proven. Walmart employees can use the interface on the machines to map a route around the store, and have the ability to reprogram a route if a layout changes or other needs arise. An operator takes it on an initial “training ride,” after which the robot can repeat the route unaided.

NOVO performed sensor mounting and tuning, integration of navigation technology, and other mechanical engineering services on the floor cleaners in 2016 that enabled successful product demonstrations and were factors in generating funder interest.