NOVO Engineering

On-Site Product Testing


product testing
Product testing is part of product development

NOVO maintains a well-equipped environmental, performance, materials, and reliability testing lab for product testing. On-site testing accelerates product development cycles. This capability is a key part of our product development process, which incorporates stress testing to establish design margins. Having test facilities on site allows us to implement testing programs early so that progress towards meeting product requirements can be tracked throughout the program. Formal verification testing can be performed for incorporation into design history files and regulatory submissions. Our testing capabilities are the third leg of our infrastructure, along with our in-house rapid prototyping and CNC machining capabilities.

We invite our clients to visit our facility to learn how we use our testing infrastructure, as well as the rest of our physical infrastructure, to compress schedules, reduce costs, and ensure reliability.


  • 2,000-square-foot test lab area
  • Walk-in and reach-in environmental chambers
  • Programmable ovens
  • Multi-channel data acquisition systems
  • Instron programmable tension and compression tester
  • Optical inspection and CMM metrology
  • RF spectrum analyzer
  • Biconical antenna
  • Laminar flow hood
  • Sectioning saw
  • Custom test protocol and fixture development
  • High-magnification video microscopy
  • Test reporting and statistical analysis
  • SPL, I&V, temperature, force, and torque meters/probes
  • Flow and leak testing