About NOVO
A history of great product development

The Engineering Behind Great Products

Product Development Engineering Services

NOVO is about creating great products. The Engineering Behind Great Products means that we provide comprehensive hardware and software product development engineering services from concept through pilot manufacturing. Our clients include some of the world’s most successful technical product companies, as well as startups and mid-market companies.

NOVO’s services include medical device development, biotech instrument development, printing system development, commercial product development, and custom equipment related to the manufacturing or testing of all of the above. Our clients benefit from our singular combination of top design-engineering talent, structured development processes, and extensive onsite prototyping and testing infrastructure. Every aspect of NOVO’s procedures, staff, and facilities is a reflection of our ongoing efforts to establish the most effective contract product development engineering services available anywhere.

Our business model is a “fee-for-service” model. This means that our clients own the design and intellectual property at the conclusion of the contract.

Three Benefits of Engaging NOVO

Successfully bringing innovative technical products to market means more than just a collaboration with our clients, it means a partnership in which we do whatever it takes to overcome the inevitable obstacles in new product development. Our industry-leading clients expect that from us. We hope you will become one of them.